Campaign Goals

The Commitment

“Government will also establish a $6-million Creative Economy Fund for the film, animation, music/sound recording and publishing industries. This fund will begin April 1, 2016, and NSBI will work with the sectors in establishing the criteria for the fund.”


The Books Start Here proposal

Nova Scotia match measures now in place in Ontario, Quebec, BC, and Manitoba

  • Production and marketing tax credit for investment in new books
  • Dedicated fund for publishers’ marketing projects
  • A block grant program for literary publishing

The impact when publishing gets growing

The Books Start Here package would be $1.2 million drawn from the $6 million 2015 Creative Economy Fund

  • Over five years, Nova Scotia publishing would double in size
  • Current employment of 40+ full-time, 25+ part-time would double
  • Worldwide sales of Nova Scotia published books would double
  • Author royalties and titles published would grow substantially