Book Publishing in Nova Scotia

Local books tell the story of us.

A vibrant and thriving local book publishing industry in Nova Scotia has broad benefits for our culture, our communities and, yes, our economy. Our books are an amplifier for our voices – past, present and future. Nova Scotian publishers want to keep making Nova Scotia writers, illustrators, and books available to a wide audience here and around the world. We have a unique history of publishing going all the way back to Joseph Howe and we want to nurture the next generation of writers and artists to continue the story.

Nova Scotia book publishing by the numbers:

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NS publishers want the Nova Scotia government to step up and implement a funding program as part of its 2016 budget that has been successful in other provinces. Publishing has already been identified as a creative industry to be supported – now we need the framework in place to grow and take advantage of the market opportunities out there.


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