About Nova Scotia Publishers

The book publishing industry in Nova Scotia has been a vital part of the province’s culture, communities and economy since John Bushell set up his press in Halifax in 1752.

Today, publishing houses in the province publish more than 150 new titles annually, with a special focus on local stories, authors and illustrators and with the assistance of local editors, designers and publicists.

Nova Scotia’s book publishers:

Breton Books

Cape Breton University Press

Conundrum Press

Curriculum Plus Publishing

Fernwood Publishing

Fierce Ink Books

Formac Publishing

Four East Publications

Gaspereau Press

MacIntyre Purcell Publishing

New World Publishing

Nimbus Publishing

Pottersfield Press

Meet a few of these great book publishers (via Atlantic Books Today magazine):

Behind the scenes at Nimbus Publishing

The art of the book with Gaspereau Press

Behind the scenes at Fernwood Publishing








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